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Emergency Dental Treatments in Aurora

Dr. Jeff Weaver offers fast and effective emergency dental care Services. Whatever your concerns, Dr. Weaver can address your dental issues including, pain, dental fracture, abscess, accident, orthodontic, crown, bridge, porcelain veneers, teeth pain, mouth sores or gum problems.

Whatever the problem, we are availableto receive you. Dr. Weaver's dental team has all the equipment necessary to assure you the best treatment possible. We offer state of the art facilities, digital radiographs and a pleasant and relaxing environment.

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If you have an abscess, intense pain, regular sensibility to hot or cold or any kind of swelling around the jaw/cheek area you may have a dental problem that should be taken care of immediately. Any mouth or dental pain should be assessed rapidly and taken seriously. Immediate consultation will assure a better prognosis and greater chance of the tooth preservation.